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4sgm Wholesale Dollar Items Product Distributor

About Us

We are a Los Angeles based company specializing in opening new dollar store businesses anywhere in the United States and Worldwide.If you live outside the US, please click here. We will assist you in becoming an independent store owner, thereby avoiding costly franchise fees and royalties.We see the process through from start to finish, from Grand Opening to whenever you decide you don’t need us anymore. Our aim is to make your store a valued and preferred shopping destination in your community providing excellent value and service.Your customers will complement you on your clean, well stocked store full of great merchandise! You will reap the rewards.

Please go through our site and read and learn all you can. Hopefully this information will help you to make the decision to begin the process of owning your own dollar store business. We hope our services will be the right match for you

Over 11 years ago we helped a young man with a dream to set up and open his own store selling merchandise for one dollar. He didn’t know where to start, nor how to obtain the merchandise, but he had an idea, and with our help, his idea became reality and took off like wildfire! Within three months, he opened his first store which is still thriving to this day! We are proud to be one of the first businesses to offer such services and help entrepreneurs such as yourself, to open their own dollar stores in California, the United States and Worldwide. Our mission is to provide our clients a smooth transition while taking their dreams from a thought to reality, by giving them a completed store they can be proud of. We will strive to demonstrate excellence and a professional attitude in all our business dealings. Our staff will work tirelessly to see that our clients’ every need is met. We will assist entrepreneurs in taking their vision to reality by providing the guidance necessary to help them achieve their goals in a timely and cost effective fashion. We will make every effort to exceed our goals and our clients’ expectations by providing a finished product of unmatched excellence. We are committed to providing prospective store owners with the best possible service. We have been assisting entrepreneurs with opening and operating their own businesses for more than 11 years. We don’t just stop with getting you open for business. We will come back as long as you need us. We will even provide service to stores who didn’t use us at start up, but are in need of our help if unfortunate costly mistakes have caused breakdowns to occur.



I love speaking with everyone about the possibilities of operating and owning their own business.
We are living in uncertain times, and with people needing to be frugal with every dollar they spend, you and I together can fill a need for a product and service that most people out there want. I am especially excited about the possibility of our new adventure together. I appreciate and encourage questions. It is only natural to have many questions when making a decision to start your own business. With a short conversation, I can not only answer those questions, but it is my hope that I will leave you with enough information that you will be able to make an informed decision about how you wish to proceed. We will work together on building a package based on your needs and business objectives. Of course I would love everyone to use our services, but more than anything, you need to feel comfortable with your endeavor.
This is your investment, your business, and ultimately your decision. Our goal is for you to feel totally comfortable with what just may be a life altering decision for you and your family. Remember that we are here for you, your partner for success. Please call me at 1-310-666-5700. I look forward to speaking with you soon.