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4sgm Wholesale Dollar Items Product Distributor


We are your one-stop shop. We are a direct importer and wholesaler of discount merchandise. and  are the wholesale dollar products distribution centers for Open A Dollar Store. We supply wholesale general merchandise to dollar discount stores, specialty and drug stores, gift shops, grocery and convenience stores and many other retailers throughout the United States. Our fully stocked warehouse carries all the merchandise you will need to fill your store again and again. If you already own a store and would like to put some great new merchandise in your store.


In addition to your start-up merchandise, we supply you with a Proforma (included in your start-up packet) that gives you the basics on how much inventory to stock in each category. Don’t forget, it is critical that you add NEW merchandise weekly to appeal to the return customer hunting for a great bargain or simply shopping to see what’s new! This is a variety store business and should supply just that, VARIETY. As your store grows and your sales increase you will discover that you may have a need for more of one category and less of another. For example less tools and more shampoo or cleaning supplies. As you learn your clients shopping habits, you should adjust your shelves to reflect this knowledge. But never forget that the shopping cart should be 3/4 full of new items that they buy because they may not ever find them again. Shopping in a dollar store is like a treasure hunt and it is your job to make it fun for . Keep in mind your geographical area and the needs of your customers. If there are 5 schools in your area, you will need to stock fun items for teachers and plenty of school supplies. If there are 3 churches, be sure to stock plenty of religious items. Cater to the area and the customers you serve. At DOLLAR ITEM ONLINE, we stock thousands of products, including but not limited to,



We provide discounted shipping services to all areas of the US. Our shipping is always discounted for our frequent shoppers. Don’t hesitate to call one of our friendly staff to place an order! If we don’t have the item you want on our website, contact us, and we will do our best to get it for you!


From time to time we have the opportunity to purchase merchandise from C-stores and other types of stores that are closing their doors. We buy this merchandise at rock bottom prices and pass the savings along to you. The downside is that there are sometimes incomplete cases or open boxed items. With the savings and chance to increase your bottom line and the advantage of placing NEW items on your shelves, it is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. We will provide a photograph of a sampling of the merchandise you will be getting. The value and the savings are all yours! It’s our way of watching out for you and your profit margin. All you do is choose the mixed pallet selection and we send a full pallet of great merchandise costing you pennies per piece! Your profit is our gain. When you succeed, we will add you to our list of satisfied clients. And when your shoppers find the addition of unique ‘one of a kind’ bargains, you’ll be smiling all the way to the bank. And they will be certain to tell their friends about the fantastic bargains they found at your store.

  • house wares
  • novelties
  • food
  • baby care
  • ceramics
  • candles
  • stationery
  • jewelry
  • sunglasses
  • plastic ware
  • seasonal items and more
  • hair accessories
  • party supplies
  • reading glasses
  • cleaning supplies
  • paper products
  • health and beauty
  • holiday items
  • poly stone figurines
  • closeout items
  • home décor