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4sgm Wholesale Dollar Items Product Distributor

Why $1 Store

GREAT BARGAINS-shoppers love to get bargains on every day staple items such as shampoo, beauty products, pet food, cleaners, paper products and food. These items are your draw or why your customer comes to your store in the first place. Then after getting what they need, they shop for what they want.
IMPULSE SHOPPING-A savvy store owner knows that shoppers expect to find different items when they come to shop. A great deal is hard to pass up. For a store owner, it is important to understand that most of your customers are ready to buy something they weren’t originally shopping for. They simply want it because it is a bargain. Knowing this allows you to stock attractive impulse-oriented dollar merchandise which leads to more sales per customer.
VARIETY AND NEW MERCHANDISE-providing variety and adding new items weekly and monthly is the KEY to success for the store owner and makes for a happy customer.
If the store fills multiple needs with it’s merchandise, people will visit more frequently and choose you over a specialty store. They will choose you first, if they know there will be a treasure to find in addition to getting what they need. Best of all, when you constantly add new variety, the customer keeps coming back because they are curious to see what is new, want a great deal, and all shoppers love a good TREASURE HUNT!